The Mission

To inspire a safer tomorrow utilizing the tools of hard work and ingenuity.

The Story

Smartphones provide access to limitless information and social media allows users to “check in” at any location and share their every thought. Yet despite these luxuries, we are devoid of technical solutions to help when an emergency arises.

After a harrowing experience on the streets of Hoboken, Christopher Coppola decided it was time for a change. He consulted with go-to tech friend and fellow alum, Ralph Mattiaccio, on how cellular technology could be used to better serve and protect the community. What if you had the power to discreetly alert the authorities in an emergency situation with just the push of a concealed button? This was the foundation upon which SHIELDtech was born.

Christopher and Ralph pitched their solution to TechLaunch in 2014 and have been hard at work ever since. The pair have established relationships with organizations and professionals alike, and are building their first personal safety product. Today, SHIELDtech has a completed prototype and looking for users and communites to beta test their solution.

Meet The Founders

Christopher Coppola

CEO and Co-founder

Christopher is the chief executive officer and co-founder of SHIELDtech, Inc. His responsibilities include day-to-day business activities, project management and product design. Chris holds a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Ralph Mattiaccio

President and Co-founder

Ralph is the president and co-founder of SHIELDtech, Inc. His responsibilities include business administration, lead software developing and management. Ralph holds a Master’s in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology.