Safety at a push of a button

SHIELDkey, SHIELDapp: That's all you need!


What We Do

Simple contact to family, friends and emergency responders.

SHIELDtech provides users with a small, wearable, life-saving device, paired with a smartphone app to enable users to quickly and discreetly alert for help when in an emergency. Within seconds, the location and credentials of the user are relayed to family, friends and/or first responders.

SHIELDtech also offers enterprise web-based software that allows private security forces to receive alerts from their community members.

Who we serve

SHIELDkey & SHIELDapp are the ideal personal security solutions designed for:
          - College Students
         - Employees
         - Healthcare Professionals
         - Real Estate Agents
         - Victims of Domestic Violence

SHIELDdash is the de facto emergency delivery and response system built for:
          - College Campuses
         - Company Campuses
         - Hospitals
         - Municipal Police
         - Emergency Call Centers

The System